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UZ-AR Muhendislik Kim. San. ve Dis Tic Ltd. and BAHAR Ltd. carry out their activities in the sphere of water and sewage water treatment, water systems and chemicals since 1992. The manufacturing started in 2005 in Istanbul, in the industrial zone, organized by Ikitelli.  UZ-AR meets the requirements of relevant products, systems, equipment, services, clients and satisfies the needs in all sectors and usage area, where the water is used for household and/or for industrial purposes and where the sewage water is generated, which also needs cleaning and care.

 UZ-AR and BAHAR Ltd. are operate their activities in the field of hotels, tradecenters, houses, complexes, schools and similar households and on industrial facilities for heating, cooling and steam systems, where the water is used for production of chemicals against scurf, limestone and corrosion, on programs for using, designing water and sewage treatment systems, on issues regarding implementation and exploitation.

 UA-AR and BAHAR Ltd. perform their services with experienced team in the field of designing, construction and exploitation of open and closed swimming pools, which are used for sports, recreational and tourism purposes.
 In terms of public health care production of chemical means and disinfectants which have significant importance for swimming pool’s water, are being carried out in our enterprise which holds license of Public Health Institution of Ministry of Health Care of the Turkish Republic. Using of our products is carried out since our experienced group issues licenses and inspects them in accordance with legal and technical conditions.

 UZ-AR and BAHAR Ltd. by the production and systems produced by them, by providing water and energy saving on our planet where the resources are reducing, they make contribution in our country’s and world’s economics. In addition to this, they support clients, by such estimated values as are prolonging lifespan of systems with products against limestone and corrosion. They provide efficient work of heating and cooling systems by small expenses, by hygienic inspection of industrial water eliminate systemic water diseases causing impacts. For public and individual health care they provide the hygiene of swimming pools.  
 UZ-AR and BAHAR Ltd. have become the institution, which properly understand the development level ratio of the country with the current situation in the field of chemistry and by the approach as a leader they increase the possibility of competition in the sector of chemistry. In this direction the companies for the sectors where they implement their services offer issuance of new products, retraining of the staff, decreasing of actual costs, increasing of productivity, better protection of human health and environment and integrated solutions for clients. UZ-AR shares its experience with its suppliers and users, as its purpose is to make additional values for them, as well as making contribution in the country’s economic.

 UZ-AR and BAHAR Ltd. recognize the “Corporate Social Responsibility” and principle of "Ethics" and "Liability" towards all their shareholders, foregrounds  the realization of social responsibility in all activities and  express attention towards them.
Our company has become one of the leader companies by its growing schedule and established corporate personality. In comparison with the previous year our company is growing annually and constantly improves the product’s range through our renewed and advanced technologies in accordance with the legal and technical conditions.
In Turkey as well as on international markets there is a demand on our products represented under the brand name UZ-AR and PERAPOOL CHEMICALS, which are chemicals for swimming pools.

 UZ-AR and BAHAR Ltd.’s integrated managing system (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001) regarding the products, represent the sustainable guarantee of the product's compliance and quality perception, which need receiving off all necessary information and taking permission. UZ-AR in order to ensure its reliability and for gaining confirmation on national and international market, received certification from internationally recognized company NSF on enterprise objects and products and UZ-AR is proud to share that it has approved the implementation of its principles and sustainable policy.

Our vision…
To create something different from competitors in Turkish and world markets, to strive for Leadership and branding, to increase market share, to express respect towards human, environment and traditions and possibility of implementation of progress in sustainable form together with all employees, shareholders and partners.

Our mission is…
UZ-AR Muhendislik and BAHAR Ltd. produce the customer-focused and processes oriented, permanently developing, high valuable products, as well as create the integrity of suppliers, customers and employees. UZ-AR, by realizing the corporate culture and sustainability, protects human’s health and environment, subordinates universal values, ensures and directs occupational, health and safety, performs all activities according to the legal conditions and international programs, inspects the usage of natural resources and energy, thereby supports the society and enhances their values.

Our integrated policy
UZ-AR Muhendislik Kimya San. ve Dis. Tic. and BAHAR Ltd. ensure their activities for manufacture of the water recovery and chemicals for swimming pools, production of industrial services and their realization and usage according to the national and international standards, legal and technical terms. They ensure the guarantee for the quality of the products and services manufactured and served by them due to the customer-focused approach and by the procedures set out by them, which give importance to public and environment and by recognition of permanent improvement they aim the constant development of customer’s satisfactory.

 UZ-AR Muhendislik Kimya San. ve Dis. Tic. Ltd. and BAHAR Ltd.  aim to examine legal and technical issues at our supplier as well as customer companies,  by the policy “win and make them win”, through the system of recommendations for implementation of improvements and for continuation the unity, with the help of experience which was build up in the sector during the years.

 UZ-AR Muhendislik  Kimya San. ve Dis. Tic. Ltd. with regard to those employees for whom its policy is acceptable and the employees reasonably implement and support them, UZ-AR has implemented by increasing qualification, motivation, satisfaction and open communication procedures for team work, controlling and evaluation within the scope of trainings and activities.

 UZ-AR Muhendislik Kimya San. ve. Dis. Tic. Ltd. and BAHAR Ltd.  provide health care and safety, compatibility with environmental conditions at the highest level, safe working environment  and their purpose is to set nonstop development principle, to determine and decrease the risks in order to protect health of the employees, provide safe, protected area for all relevant parties, control the risks, take into consideration the importance of good quality production and laboratory programs and maintain hygiene protection, invest in modern technologies and use them carefully.

For UZ-AR Muhendislic Kimia San. ve Dis. Tic and BAHAR Ltd existence of quality, environment, safe product, execution of conditions of occupational safety and health management systems and nonstop improvement of efficiency, providence with necessary recourses in order to avoid environment pollution and to express respect towards human and nature,  reduction of waste, increasing of processing coefficient, reducing use of natural resources, creating environment friendly products instead of restricted and prohibited chemicals, effective usage of energy, growing interest in using renewable energy resources, these are the criteria’s how the companies see as the guarantee for the future.
UZ-AR Muhendislic Kimia San. ve Dis. Tic Ltd. take responsibility to protect voluntary legal and other requirements introduced by us in accordance with ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001 VE OHSAS 18001 the UZ-AR’s integrated management system and this policy will be open for all employees, suppliers, customers and third parties.

Meaning of innovation for UZ-AR and BAHAR represenst for all of our shareholders the value-creating novelty. This is addition of new value and opportunity of its continuation in sustainable form for UZ-AR and all of our shareholders.
We know that in today's economy where the competition is so strong, the only way for existence and differentiation goes through the innovation.  We consider innovation as recurring, disciplinary process. In this regard such as production, marketing, sales, finance, human resources, informational technologies, corporate communications and etc. and we coordinate and manage such disciplines.
We use innovation not only for our products and services, but also for our processes and business forms. We believe that the approach that promotes everyone's participation is important and in this context we develop human resources and our communication policy, as we consider that this institution can be creative as far as its employees.
Last customers and our companies who are providing them with our products are always in the center of innovation. In order to be able to achieve innovations, we create and manufacture products and services that exceed expectations, although within the scope of values and we aim to create differentiation. This is why we spend more time with our customers and try to find their feedbacks and evaluate them. We create and develop our products on bases of these data.
We, with our supplier are going forward through our innovative activities and by “win and make them to win” policy.


UZ-AR and BAHAR have adopted principles of sustainability by holistic approach with the sense of solidarity and respect towards the society and environment from producing to marketing activities and from human resources to logistics. UZ-AR from today continues towards the future holistic sustainability by economic, environmental and social scales by implementing compatible planning. In this context, continues its activities as volunteer for the purpose of integration of products, services, brand, business sphere, business processes and operations.
We all know that natural resources are not unexhausted in the world. We are striving for development, economic growth and for raising the living standards. Our basic aim is to ensure the best living of all individuals, economic use of resources and providence of life quality without exhausting the future and by maintenance of economic, safe environment and social sustainability. Execution of our liabilities is our primary obligation. For ensuring healthy societies living in well-being, we appreciate the performance of sustainability, observe, improve and share them among all our partners.
Raw material and other chemicals that are used in our factory, for storage, processing, transportation, various measures are taken on bases of carried out risk’s assessment in order to protect our employees, environment and our region from the expected threats.

 The most essential elements for prevention of impacts on occupational, health safe and environment are determination of health and environment risks and planning. Determination of risks of occupational, health, safety and environmental impacts and management works; monitoring of compliance with legislation, ensuring of waste management, emission control and prevention, creation inventories for chemicals, productive and effective work of waste elimination systems, work out of environmental culture in the company, monitoring control of the performance of the company and its individuals are carried out in the integrated management system.

 The individuals, who are employed in our company, are constantly trained due to the plans and are granted with certificates. They are prepared practically, informed and enrolled.
We also have trained and certified employees, who are preparing “informational forms of safety”. All “Informational forms of safety” are inspected due to the current legislation and are submitted to the customers in Turkish and Georgian languages (in other languages in case of request) in prepared form.

 Avoidance of pollution resource is one of the important principles for environment protection. In this context, we act together with all our partners and carry out controlling of waste management in order to increase the recycling, to prevent waste generation and to reduce the volume of waste.

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